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joi, 18 septembrie 2014

Here Is some work I did for Mierce Miniatures plus some studies.
Some links from other places where you can find my work.

luni, 31 decembrie 2012

Hello Everyone

I have never done of of these big blog posts, talking about how things are going with me, my career or what have you, but it feels like 2012 its the best year to have one.Many  of the past years changed me and formed me as a person but non was like this one.

Started the year with the right foot if i can say this, managed to keep myself way motivated more than before, I finally felt the fire burning inside me and it did for the better part of the year thanks to Crimson Daggers and the people surrounding the group. I had a few goals for this year and I can happily say all but one came true, I managed to build a decent portfolio, freelance got better by the month and towards the end I managed to become a full time freelancer. The one thing that I missed and will try to start the next year with will be helping my parents and taking care of them as they did take care of me for 23 years, a big thanks and bow before them for helping me and supporting me all these years. They did not always believe in me but they never complained and for that I will for ever be grateful.

Then there are you guys, that have been following me and supported me as my parents did, i will take a bow to you guys as well because I would not be here without you and all the feedback and kind words that came along. I meet many new people from all over the world, some even became my best friends and have been there for me when I needed someone to talk to. I want to apologize to the ones that I no longer keep in touch no matter whose fault it is, I am sorry. I am not gonna mention any names no matter good or bad because of the fear of leaving someone out.

There is a thing that I wanted talk about in this post and that is the biggest challenge that I had to deal with this year and by far I can say that the biggest one was managing to remain who I am while growing as an artist. There are many temptations when this happens and for me this was and still is the thing that I am working at, the most. Not having to change who I am for that 1% boost to my career was worth it and for me its really important to be the same no matter who I am talking with and I know that some people may have gotten offended by this aspect but it is what it is.

Now, about next year... I have no clue what I want from it,  I will most likely go in and enjoy it as it is, take my time and enjoy every moment of it, being happy with what I had worked nice this year so this will carry on to the next one.

I still have to show some things that I did this year but you will have to wait a bit for them, not much, I promise.

I wish all of you an amazing 2013, big thanks again and always remember to keep your dreams big and always be patient.


duminică, 28 octombrie 2012


3 New cards for Dream Reactor

Gnome Welder
Word Of Fire
Shaman Dancer

miercuri, 3 octombrie 2012

New card made for Dream Reactor 

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Death Grip

sâmbătă, 29 septembrie 2012

New card for Dream Reactor

Guardian Of The Faithful

miercuri, 26 septembrie 2012


Card Illustration for Dream Reactor